Travelling Home

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Home is simply my favorite destination. 

People may have different reasons for travelling. Some travel to escape, some to meet new people and experience other culture. Others just want to have fun and relax – a brief get-away from all the hassle and busy schedules. As for me, it has always been about seeing more of the world. And how in every travel, I learn to appreciate home so much more. 

Cebu is one of the many islands in the Philippines. It has become a favorite tourist destination in the country for quite some time now. Despite its small land area, one might be surprised at the many things you can do in Cebu. It offers a vibrant city night life, exquisite waterfalls and pristine beaches found in its north and south shores. Its small size can even be an asset in the sense that you do not have to commute for a long time to get where you want to spend your weekend or waste your weekdays away.

As a traveller, sometimes, it is hard to make up your mind where you really want to spend your free time or long holidays. Would you want it swimming in the sea and watch how many times the waves kiss the shore or explore the mountains and take a bath in a waterfall. Admit or not, we face this confusion every now and then and we sometimes wish we can have both.

Well, this is your lucky day because there’s a place in Cebu that offers both of the heavenly escapes you would never have to choose which is which. Sounds too good, doesn’t it? 

Visit Badian, Cebu. 

Kawasan in all its glory.

It is where the famous Kawasan falls is. Not too far from the place is a white sand beach named Lambug

Kawasan is a multi-tiered falls that has gained popularity over the years. Kawasan is mother nature in her finest robe. Her falling waters is aquamarine you’ll think the trees are bleeding their colors into the lagoon. If you want to beat the summer heat, take a dip in these cool waters and whirl those worries away. 

Lambug in the morning.

Lambug is sometimes called the Boracay of Cebu for its fine, powdery sand. What i really like about Lambug is being less crowded. There’s nothing fancy about the accommodation around the beach, I must say. However, it is where you will experience the ebb and flow of solitude and serenity. Since there are less people, you can have the whole beach for yourself during weekdays. I am glad this place is not yet too commercialized and I hope it stays that way. 

Sunset in Lambug. Drown me in your tangerine splash.

You can watch the sunset grace the sky before the moon takes the spotlight on a cloudless afternoon. So if you plan your trip, check the weather to enjoy the place at its fullest. Sunsets are timeless. Not to mention the sea of twinkling stars that follow after.

Aside from these glorious escapes, if you choose to stay in the city then you can always do so. 

Visit Mango Avenue.

Various entertainment bars exist here. Cebu wouldn’t be crowned the queen of south  without all the glamour and glitters. This part of the city is prolly the most vibrant of them all. If you are a party animal, go hit the road and let your wild side go free. 

Cafe Tiala during Halloween

If you enjoy cafes and fine dining, Cebu has abundant to offer. There are Asian cafes like Cafe Tiala where you can wear Korean National Costume, the Hanbok. Cafe Tiala is located in the 2nd Floor of the Forum Building Archbishop Reyes Avenue. There’s also a star wars inspired cafe named Amidala Cafe located in Maria Cristina Arcade, Ground Floor. 

the changing of sky’s robe. taken in Crate Cafe

There’s also my personal favorite, the Crate Cafe located in Busay where you can enjoy a cup of good coffee with the overlooking view of the queen and witness the grand sunset before the urban lights crowd the skyline.

City Lights. Photographed by Rhienell Bontuyan

For more Cafes and restos, click here.

There are a lot of things to enjoy in Cebu. Whether you prefer being in a quiet or rowdy mood, you’ll find your special place in here.

When you do visit Cebu or any place, it’ll be great to preserve every moment, every joy and every discovery on a photograph. We all need something that can capture the adventure of travelling and exploring so when you look back, you won’t feel so distant from those days.

 I remember a friend making a comment on my Eiffel tower photos when I visited France alone two years ago. He said, “It looks like you had grabbed the photos from Google.” He drew this conclusion because I was never on those shots. I took few clicks with the tower using my old phone when I was there, however, I didn’t like how I appeared in those shots. I never want any of you  to be told by anyone the way I have been told. So please do yourself a favor. Invest on a phone camera that would make you so proud of every click you do. Oppo F1s – the selfie expert is your bestfriend. It has Beautify 4.0 which turns every angle of you blemish free. I also love the selfie panorama which can capture a wider angle allowing you to include the whole gang or the backdrop you want to boast in your social media. The 13 MP Rear Camera is another feature worth investing on because it is designed to maximize light sensitivity which is essential in capturing vivid night shots. 

So get up and exploit the beauty of Cebu from daylight to dawn with your best selfie shot! 

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