Travel Essentials of an Instagram Influencer

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The Travel Essentials


Ever wonder what are the travel essentials of an Instagram influencer are?

Every time I visit Instagram, I can not help but be amazed of how creative these people are with their content ideas that make you click that heart button.

So out of sheer curiosity, I asked my high school friend, Lendy, who is known on Instagram as Sincerelylends what are her travel essentials. She was generous enough to divulge what’s inside her backpack. Before we go with the list, let me define what is an Instagram Influencer for those who haven’t heard it.

A person must have 5k followers to be considered as an influencer (yes, that many!). According to google, when you become an influencer, you may earn money or freebies by subtly endorsing products, brands or services. In fact, that is how some travellers who made name on Insta fund their wanderlust. Isn’t that a perfect life for nomads like us? Earning while travelling is like tossing life’s frustrations off the grid. Sweet!

Becoming an influencer however, is not attained overnight; unless of course you are an idol, a famous person or a mass- media-hated individual like the current Philippine president. lol.

Kidding aside, it takes a lot of creativity and originality for any person to build an audience in any social media platform to reach the numbers mentioned. She now has 10k followers on insta and still counting.

Now without further ado let us open her travel bag and explore.

1. Health Kit (Hygenic Kit)

Or whatever you may call it. I was even having an inner battle if I should mention this. Stuff like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and shampoo are things a person should never ever forget much more of a social media person, when travelling. It makes you comfortable with yourself when you’re away from the comfort of home.This is important because some accommodations in the Philippines don’t provide such things.

2. Make-Up Kit

Well, Lendy isn’t really obsessed with her face. In fact, her photos are almost always about the breathtaking landscape, the vast emerald seas and the clear blue skies. However, there are certain things she can not leave behind like liquid foundation, lip balm and “of course, her eyebrow pencil”, her words not mine.

Needless to say, an influencer must look pleasant in every click taken for her audience. Lip balm also protects her lips from getting cracked

3. Sun Block

She said she brings 2 different brands of sunblock just in case the other one does not give the effectiveness she expects. She is a beach bum and gets exposed to the sun every travel she makes. Therefore, sun protection is a must and should be taken seriously. Nobody can do an Instagram worthy pose with a sunburnt skin, mind you!

4. A Variety of Attire

At least four pieces of sleeveless – which I think is both appropriate and sexy since most of her shots are taken in the beach. Revealing some skin on these shots make her look confident and so at ease with herself.

Six to seven dresses – She prefers light colored or plain.

Three maong shorts atleast, and they have to be high waist. It extenuates her curves and makes her exudes with class. How amazing is that?

Swim wears (3 two piece and a one piece) – as I have mentioned, she is a beach bum. A total seaholic person who tends to question if the sea misses her sometimes. She even thinks she’s a mermaid.

Being an influencer is a tough job because you have to be gifted enough to keep your audience interested. You have to come up with aesthetic concepts that would capture attention and for the hardest part, maintain that. So choosing what to wear is an essential part of gaining more hearts and followers.

5. Instagram Accessories

I personally think this is what differentiates a normal travelling person to an Instagram influencer. Aside from the well thought out concepts, it is the accessories that set them apart from the rest.

Floater. Mandala roundie. Hammock. Fashionable hats. Shades.

She said it is good to have accessories sometimes. It adds vibrancy, color and spice to every captured moment. Yes, folks! She brings them inside her backpack every travel. She even said that each time she goes on vacation, it feels as if she’s no longer coming home with all the things she carries.

“I manage to fit them in one backpack, however, since they are light.”

Yes, the secret is they are all made of light materials. You don’t really want to travel like you’re carrying another person on your shoulders. You’ll just get exhausted and miss all the fun.

6. Camera

I believe this is something she can not travel without. Oh, well! With all these social media and OOTD posts, I think most people share the same sentiments.

Like any other travel geek, action camera is used to capture a wider angle, to fit different magnificent landscape and make it stand still in the blink of light. It is also great for taking underwater photos.

7. Reliable Phone

Being an Instagram Influencer involves a lot of time being online. She has to upload new photos and be interactive with her audience. Aside from captivating photos, she needs to make them feel loved and valued. Therefore, she has to be sure that she has access to her media accounts.  

Oppo f1S has a triple-slot tray feature that allows a person to use not just one but two 4G SIMS which can support a speed of 150mbps. This allow you to surf and be connected with such ease.

The additional memory card slot expands storage by up to 128GB. Oppo F1S features a 32GB ROM which gives her plenty of space for her Instagram encounters and other media and of course, plenty of room for her jaw dropping, Instagram worthy photos.

Furthermore, its 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor make switching from apps seamless so she can listen to music or watch movies with ease while she is on her way to her next adventure!

What are your travel essentials? I would love to know. Feel free to drop a line.

Photos used were from Sincerelylends except for the Oppo F1S which were grabbed from google.

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