the parallel of truth

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they say, there is a parallel world
where everything is what your heart wants to be.

may it be a never ending rain,
a mighty sun that never sets
or, a skin that never wrinkles despite age.

but i never wanted something fancy.
nothing so grand and magical.

i only wanted your warmth
the chance of seeing
what color your eyes have

a boy a little less realistic
and a girl much more independent
in a rounded table
with two cups of coffee or tea

it doesn’t matter.

I just want
to hear you laugh
and decide if the rain
would remind me of it later
or if the waves of the sea
would be more appropriate.

ah – love.

do not misunderstand me.
i can spend days,
weeks or even years
not thinking about you.

oh – i can.

and maybe you are right
about how things would be easier
if we go back to being strangers

i can grant you the gift of serenity –
a life free of me.

but if i were to choose
and if a parallel world does exist,
i’d still reach for your hand.

oh, i will.
i will.

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