the truth lingers

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I always forget
i’m not your obligation.

That you need not pacify
my chest nor the child
pounding with all her might
inside my rib cage
in every moving away you make

I always forget –

you can walk away
in every conversation
and halt all the questions
with your departure.

And i always fail to remember
you let me go
despite the forbidding i made.

Must i forget you now?

Despite the blowing of your coldness,
my heart only remembers the warmth.

Darling, the fortress of the past
can’t last long
in the midst of silence and absence

If you must depart,
then let its walls of hoping
burn in the heat of reality

or let its parts be swept away
by the storm of indifference

Leave the rest to crumble
on the ground
when all there was
was the green field
where we used to lay
wishing life was different.

Life turned out to be all that…
full of wishing and leaving.

If you must go,
then by all means, go.

Do not leave any traces of you
Sweep the floor
and free every corner
from the dust of your memories
Put on the curtains
to forbid any echo from forming
Overturn the bed
and wash its sheets
with a gloved hand
Remove any traces
of your warmth.

And after all of that is done,
i know deep in my bone marrows,

i’d be waiting still.

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