OPPO F1s: A Day After Work

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Whether there’s a celebration or not, I always find myself eating with amazing workmates almost everyday of our lives.


Being a Customer Service Advocate can be stressful, they say. While it may be true, being in the industry, made me realize that it all actually depends on the kind of people you are working with. Two years in the same job and most of the moments are all about food, laughter, hilarious conversation and amazing friends.

So if you are going to ask me what’s our typical day like – well..

We wake up sleepy. Stay on that state until lunch when we have the opportunity to chitchat in the pantry, eat and talk, laugh, eat, take photos, talk. Did I say we eat and talk and laugh and take a lot of photos? Yeah? Great!

After lunch, we go back to our real business – making our clients happy. We also chat or exchange email in between shifts and complain about life, talk about profound things like the rain and beef shawarma and how they affect our mood and what they remind us of. Yeah! We’re crazy like that. After  ending our shift, we then do random things like:


We do not know when did we exactly start believing that we are great artists. All we know is – art adores us so we tend to return the favor. lol.


Actually, we can make a gallery all about food if we take this part seriously. lol. The only problem is we devour every morsel even before we could take photos of them. Like any other sane person, we love eating. In fact, the love for food brought us together and it’s a shame that we can only post the desserts.


Our obsession is taking photos of us together.

Capturing every blissful moment of togetherness while we can.

Saving every crazy minute in stillness to tickle us on a not so good day.

Simply being together turns an ordinary day into something more meaningful.

Conquering Heartbreaks over Comfort food and Coffee

After creating various memories, we go home and talk some more online. Upload photos, share and laugh all about each other’s comments until slumber.

Therefore it is with utmost importance that you have a reliable camera phone that would allow you to capture every beautiful and little thing in your everyday life.

Oppo F1S is your reliable buddy. It has a great feature like selfie panorama that allows you to include everyone in photograph since it captures a wider angle. It surely gives an assurance that nobody gets left behind.

Also, the beautify 4.0 is every woman’s bestfriend. You click it and you see the best version of you. Blemish free and looking all pretty.

Lastly, its rear camera with 13mp pixels will surely eliminate any issues you have with night shots. It is designed to maximize light sensitivity which is essential in capturing vivid shots during night time.

For more info, visit these links:

Website: http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OPPOPH/?tsid=0.7682522228681872&source=typeahead

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oppophilippines/

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