Kita Kita: spoiler-free movie review. “More than what meets the eye”

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by Annie 🍌❤


(PHOTO courtesy of Sinehub)

There is just something ironically sweet about the tandem of Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez in this beautifully crafted film Kita Kita (I See You). Charming, funny, and disarmingly witty, Lea (de Rossi) and Tonyo (Marquez) take us to a rollercoaster ride of emotions, set in Sapporo, Japan, no less.

As per usual, Empoy delivered comic relief and Alessandra swept us off our feet during the sad parts. Needless to say, they complemented the flavors we needed to justify such an amazing, heart-wrenching, tears-in-my-eyes-from-laughing kind of funny story. Yes, THAT kind of an emotional ride.

I would commend their on-screen chemistry and connection. The acting does not come off as awkward, given that the male lead is not your typical drop-dead gorgeous, pang-masa matinee actor that should make you feel kilig on the appropriate scenes. He blends well with Alex, a veteran actress, whom I’m used to seeing in serious, if not dramatic movies and dramas. They come off au naturel that made it look like the lines are not scripted at all and everything that comes out of Empoy’s mouth is pure comedic adlib.

The film opens as cinematic as it can be, highlighting Sapporo’s lovely scenery, paired with honey-sweet background music, giving me major anime feels that made me squeal in my seat. The bright and bubbly hues gave us the hopeful disposition we wanted to hold on to until the very end of the movie.

I thought that Lea and Tonyo’s story was too fast-paced, I felt like I had to go back a few steps and learn more about their relationship. However, as we delved deeper into their lives, the film reveals more of the plot in a creative twist (which, by the way, I loved very much). *makes imaginary fistbump* go you, Sigrid Andrea Bernando, you talented human.

Overall, the film is a lighthearted, sad and touching roll of sushi (sorry, I just HAD TO say it. Puns. Winks*). It mainly revolves around the concept of love being blind to all flaws, physical differences, and imperfections in a very poetic style. I loved that the film involved poetry and used metaphors to polish the storyline. It’s the right amount of cheesy and corny that made us want for more. (Justice to our hungry, feeble hearts!!)

We left the cinema concluding the kind of love that nurtures and blooms with the season, the love that is patient and waits for the right time to say it, the kind that grows with you, and not away from you. And if you’re able to find someone like Tonyo, then consider yourself lucky.

A friend once shared me the quote, “What’s coming is always better than what’s gone” and like the film, Kita Kita, we welcome the days warmer than the last. Because we should. Because we deserve it.


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