I’m Drunk, I Love You: 16 Reasons Why We Love the Movie

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Our Reasons and it could be yours too.

After watching the movie, me and my friend can’t help but talk about it. We were enthralled and totally captivated by the movie from beginning to end.  Here are our reasons why we love  I’m Drunk, I Love You.

1. Title pa lang makakarelate ka na.

How many of us here turn to alcohol to have the courage we need to say how and what we really feel? Alcohol suppresses inhibition and that is the best part about it. You can be nasty and people will excuse you for being so.

2. Song Lloydy

The song Llyody is a hit.  It simply recognizes Filipinos tendency to idolize actors so much and how many of us Filipina are head over heels with John oyd Cruz.

3. Hugot Song 

Huling Gabi reminds you of the moment you try to convince yourself na huli na to. Ito na ang huling gabi ng pagpapakatanga but when that person calls, you get excited and rush into the burning house again. Sino’ng niloko mo?

4. The featured music. 

The music of Filipino artists makes you instantly proud being a Filipino. Burn Out is touching and sentimental which adds up to the “unrequited” mood of the many moments in the film. Also, the brief exposure of the song  Delikado  mirrors the chill and feel of adventure while being on the road trip. 

5. The love of beer and other cheap alcohol.

If it isn’t enough, you aren’t drunk enough. Tagay pa ‘tol.

6. The Realistic Language

The conversation is real because the movie opted to use the language the generation of today use.

7. The Long Road Trip

There’s always something about the road and the trip and the stupid things that happen in between.

8. Jason Ty’s Friendship

The kind of friendship that never gets tired of reminding and supporting. Time check! Time to move on! But if your foolish heart decides to stay, then a Jason Ty friend cheers for you and lets you kill yourself a little more. Just the right companion you need.

9. The Ipod Game

It was one of those games that we would love to try with our barkada one of these days. Letting your playlist roll and let luck pick the song that best describes your life at the moment. 

10. Bagnet

A dish. A metaphor or both. A food that’s not good for the heart but we still crave for.

their faces on the ipod game

11. Frustration Over Youngstar

Youngstar represents the hopes and dreams of Filipino artist. Even the mention of it excites young Filipino talents.

12. Mother’s Love

Carson’s mother and her undying hope and support  for her daughter. Despite Carson over staying in college, her excitement for her graduation day never diminished.

13. Unreciprocated Feelings

Because Filipinos are melodramatic. We tend to hold on to things that are not meant for us.

14. The Gift of Confession.

Ah. I can not stretch this enough. People must realize the relief and the freedom that comes with telling the truth. It makes you move forward. Lets you know where you stand and to finally let go of the endings you can not have.  (sa mga katapusang di mo maipipilit- a line from the song huling gabi) .

15. After the movie, emotional sobriety comes.

After watching I’m Drunk, I Love You, you are being reminded that you can not just walk away from a friendship built in years just because he didnt reciprocate your feelings. Just because you feel you gave more.

16. Because it is a Filipino movie made by and for Filipinos

The best thing you can do for your country is to support everything about her. If you want a great produced movie here in the Philippines, then show some love for it. Spend some money to keep the industry alive! Let us inspire each other. The only way for this country to be successful in everything is if its people will channel their love to what is our very own.

How about you? Have you seen the movie? What is your most favorite scene? 

#SaveIDILY and watch it now. Then, feel free to add your reasons why you love I’m Drunk, I Love You. Happy watching! 

The IDILY troop dancing to Bagnet.

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