Gourmet Dining in 10 Dove St, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu

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Gourmet according to Google: Gourmet may describe as a class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality, of special presentation or high sophistication.  

Now, don’t be scared just yet. 

Fine dining seems a way out of most Cebuanos’ league because most of us are quite practical and would rather go to a restaurant where we can enjoy the food without ripping our pockets. Well, we have a surprise for you where you can have both an affordable lunch or dinner without compromising the demands of your tastebuds. 

10 Dove St is where gourmet dining and friendly prices meet in a classy ambiance. 

Location: Oakridge Business Park, 880, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City

Business Hours : 7am-10pm everyday of your life.

Walls in 10 Dove St. Photo Credits: Rhienell Bontuyan

I was made aware of 10 Dove St’s existence by a very dear friend of mine a year ago. Guess that I was too late for this discovery. We have always loved places where “pretty little things exist”. And, I won’t even apologize for that fact. 

pretty pots and pretty chairs

The table and chairs flare a rustic, shabby cheek theme. Its furniture transports you to the time where class and elegance are everything. Reminds me so much of Paris when Ernest Hemingway was still alive writing all the anger inside his chest. 

Well, let’s skip literature and get back to food where I have more expertise (in eating that is!).

10 Dove Street offers a full course menu or the most famous ala carte style. I highly recommend you go for the former. Let me tell you more about it and you have to promise not to get hungry just yet. 

First, The 10 Dove Street Experience which starts with soup, followed by your choice of salad, sandwich and dessert. Our picks: Brocolli and Cheese Soup which is common in the Southern part of he U.S according to a very reliable source.

brocolli and cheese soup

Salad choice is Mandarin Tango Salad made of lettuce greens, mandarin orange, cashew nuts, cube cheese croutons topped with orange mayo dressing.

Mandarin Tango Salad. So colorful, isn’t it?

(Not hungry yet? Good!) Next, the Sandwich I picked for my friend who said he’s on a diet is Chicken Santa Fe which is chopped chicken fillet, bacon , tomatoes, cheese with mayo-onion dressing. His chosen dessert is White Russian cake. For those not drooling yet, let me aid you with a picture.

Chicken Santa Fe

All of that costs for Php 350.00! 

Second full course is, Kitchen Favorites which is served with soup, entrée and dessert. Our picks: Soup chosen is clam chowder which is a wow, by the way. My friend describes it as fresh as the sea itself like all the marine life were captured to delight your tactile senses. Entrée chosen is Chicken Pot Pie which we didn’t really much like. Its taste is rather bland compared to all the other dishes we have savored. This was quickly redeemed by the best chocolate cake in town Chocolate Decadence. We didn’t even have time to think about photos. We literally devoured it after one bite. 

We also tried the Seaside delight for an entrée. 

Seaside Delight for something light.

Pasta with shrimp in olive oil sprinkled with parmesan cheese is simply heaven right at the tips of your tongue! You can also choose between white or wheat bread to pair this delightful meal with. 

This is another dish under the Kitchen Favorites paired with Chixken Mango Salad
Photo Credits: Rhienell Bontuyan

You can enjoy Kitchen Favorites at 375. 

Third, the newest on their menu is the Chef’s Specials. As the name suggests, this comes with soup, dessert and the chef’s selection as the main course. Unluckily, nobody was interested that day to try what the chef selection is about. Will try it soon and will update this blog, my dear escapists! By the way, this costs 395.00.

They have more than 5 soups, 8 sandwiches, 8 salads and 15 plus entrées to choose from. Drinks are not included in the main courses. You have to pay for it separately which costs from php 50 to 150 depending on your choice. Also, if you prefer to go for ala carte, each entrée costs Php 200.00. 

Til our next escape! 

from the left: Rhienell Bontuyan, the photographer. Marhil, the food critic. Adomark, the food devourer. lol. the reliable source from the U.S, Dr. Aaron.

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