Cozy Places in Cebu City

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Living in Cebu, Philippines makes me a one proud Cebuana. Cebu has maintained its balance between nature and progress. We didn’t have to give up the comfort to preserve the natural beauty she possessed. If you like to party in the city, get hyped with extreme adventures or simply get lost in the mountains or chase waterfalls, Cebu is definitely where your soul belongs.

In this blog I will be sharing the coziest places I have visited which are very accessible and somehow gives out a ‘homey” feeling. If you like cafes and restos, read on!

Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe is located in Veteran’s Drive (near Ma. Luisa Busay Exit) Lower Busay.  What I love the most here is its scenic view – a definite escape from the deafening buzz of the metropolis.

There’s serenity in this quaint cafe where the cool breeze touches your skin and where the city shines a little much brighter.

I only have one hope every time I am in Crate Cafe – that my phone camera can capture half of what my eye truly sees.

Another thing you will love in this place is their coffee and these sweet delights. I love French croissants. Its smoothness and creamy tastes always delights my taste buds.

sweet delights

Also, the thing I find utmost unique in this place is their Poetry Magnet! I love playing with words so this is purely written out of pure honesty and is definitely free of any form of biases.Haha! 😂

write away
write away

Dolce Cafe

Dolce is located in Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City. Do not be intimidated with how classy this place looks. I have only visited the place once but has never forgotten the uniqueness of its architecture. I wish I have more knowledge on that field so I can thoroughly describe the place.


Dolce looking classy

La Vie Parisienne

the famous pink lighted tree!
the famous pink lighted trees!

This is how La Vie looks like – full of life and vibrancy.  They have a variety of French delicacies and a wide choices of champagne and wine. In fact, they have a wine cellar inside their cafe where you can pose and take a lot of photos!

in a great company


The Monastery

For those of you not familiar, yes, this is where monks stay and pray.

Kidding! This is actually La Vie Parissiene’s sister restaurant. It’s a beer garden where they offer home-made beer. A glass costs 55 pesos. If you order a beer tower, do not be surprised to see their Eiffel-like beer container.

They have those exactly the same “pink lights” that one might think they stole that brilliant idea from La Vie. Worry not my friends, no intellectual property was stolen in this context.

They have a live band from Wednesday until Sunday to serenade the lovely evening. The first time I came here, they had an acoustic band and it was lovely. I loved their choice of music.

Another interesting thing in The Monastery is their toilet. I am a feminist so I love statements that glorify the value of women.

How to Get There

For the places mentioned above, anyone can ride a jeepney from JY Center towards these places. The Monastery, however, is a walking distant from JY Mall. It is very near the wet market of Lahug. If you go to Crate Cafe which is actually the farthest, it is hard to find a jeepney from there going back to JY so it is best to ride a motorbike taxi (habal-habal in our language) which costs 15 pesos. Dolce is still walking distant from The Monastery. Well, we walked when we visited the place. haha… So if you love walking like us, then by all means, walk and enjoy the road.

Update as of 11/13/2016: The price of their own made beer has changed from 55pesos to 80pesos. They no longer sell other beer products but their own.

Handuraw Pizza Cafe

yum yum
yum yum

Handuraw is a deep Cebuano word which means “to imagine”. True to its name, this restaurant features Cebuano talent and I salute them for that. They feature local talents every now and then and let them share their music and craft to the public. This place is where food meets art. I love the walls and the atmosphere in this little haven. They have a branch in Gorordo, Lahug and in Mango Avenue.

Another thing I find catchy is this:

haha! so fab!
haha! so fab!

Kukuk’s Nest

book cafe and gallery
book cafe and gallery

The last time I visited the place, it is surrounded by shelves full of books and I thought to myself, “This is how restos and cafes should be.” They also serve amazing food. Well, I honestly didn’t expect it at first but it’s good to be surprised. I also like the fact how the whole place looks like walls of graffiti. It makes a rebellious soul feel at home.

How to Get There

You can ride a jeepney across JY Square Mall with an board sign of 4L and 17B which costs 7 pesos.

There goes my list of places in Lahug, Cebu City. There are other cafes and restos I am yet to explore, I am sure. Lahug is crowded with too many interesting places to ever be contained in this blog. Until our next escape!

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