Cebu, Philippines and Everything About Her

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Cebu is my home, located in the Visayas Islands of Philippines. She has been crowned the Queen of the South as far as I can remember. She has turned herself very attractive to travellers because of her pristine, white sand beaches, the aqua blue waterfalls, marine-rich diving sites, the extreme adventures in and out of the city, the grand churches, vibrant festivities and her delectable delicacies. This may sound cliché but yes, just name it, she has it. 

Simala, the castle like church. photo credits: Marie Cris Paquit
Kawasan Falls, one of the many waterfalls. Photo Credits: Rhienell Bontuyan
Sinulog, the most vibrant festival in Cebu. Photo Credits: Rhienell Bontuyan
Medellin, white sand public beach. Photo Credits: Ben Salutan

I have written an article everything about her published by Travelicious. Please click the link The Queen

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