because there are hands meant to be let go of

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I went out to stare at the sun
to witness the way
it meddles with the skies
and to see the bruises of its goodbye

it felt ashamed of its assaults,
hid behind the softness of rain.
yet there’s this pain
peeping in the windows,
in the corners where you pretend to smoke
when i look back
i know now,
you wanted to learn
how to breathe deeper
and i hoped it would be with the girl
with wandering eyes

but one day,
in the middle of coffee conversation,
you told me to walk with you
and you started talking about how
men go to great heights
and defy difficulties
just to see the moon
when in truth,
it is the earth that is worth looking at

and i nodded
not knowing i was the moon
less worthy of your curiosity.

i bit my lips
to stop the tremors of sadness
from romancing my irises yet
the wind of melancholy
blows again
and i wished feelings
can turn into dandelion seeds.

maybe then,
i can let go
in the very instant
you dismissed me from your life.

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