Awe-Inspiring Sunset in Lambug, Badian, Cebu

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If you’re looking for a quick escape where you can bask your tired bones in sunset and hear the waves of serenity, Lambug, Badian is the right place for you.
I can still remember how our skin turned into an orange hue when the sun started setting in Lambug. The sun was sliced into half and bled the beauty of autumn in what was once blue sky and we were but a spec of shadow basking in this glory.  

I have been to a number of beaches here in Cebu but this is by far one of the best I have ever witnessed. 

It was low tide at the time yet it didn’t diminish the spectacular reflection of the mighty sun on the water below. The whole place turned into a bowl of squeezed tangerine! The beauty of the moment truly etched a permanent mark in the premise of my forgetful brain. 

Another thing I like about Lambug beach is its powdery sand. The quality of its granules matches the white sand of more expensive beaches in Mactan, Cebu.

The shoreline is widely stretched that it is often called the Boracay of Cebu, only much cheaper and more accessible. 

The accomodation in Lambug costs 1,500 which can cater 8-10 people per room (depends on your peers’ sizes  lol and of course, the resort of your choice.). If you do not wish to get a room, then you can use the tables and chairs for 300 pesos. There are also karaokes in the place where you can sing your heart out. We are fond of singing but we were so preoccupied with the beach and the sunset that we didn’t bother asking how much it costs. (Sorry!). Also if you have tents, you can use your tents and stay for free. We preferred to get a room so that we can use the resort’s toilet anytime. Perhaps you can arrange this with the resorts if you plan to camp outside and pay a minimum fee for using their toilet. 

We didn’t see any restaurant in Lambug so it is best to bring your own food. You can grill some fish and meat like we did. 

Weekends in Lambug is usually crowded but not as crowded as Mactan public beaches. This is such a relief to know, isn’t it? I know every get-away for most people means finding a quiet a place to relax and breathe. I highly recommend visiting the place on weekdays, however. It is much quieter – like the whole beach is all yours! 

Most important: if you want to witness the breathtaking sunset, check the weather. If it is too cloudy, you might not witness such blissful moment. 

How to Get There:

Either you take a bus in South Bus Terminal or V-Hire in Citilink to Lambug drop off then take a tricycle to the beach. It should be a breeze since this place is gaining popularity. 

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Do you know a place with the same scenic sunset? Feel free to share you thoughts and that place might just be the target for the next escape! 

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