Approximately one year and four months

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you are too far away
to hear the songs of the damned
even the loose strings
of your absence
do not come close to tugging you
back to my shore

it feels like an era
that i sailored grief
with a bulletproof vest.
the more i pretended
that it does not damage me,
the deeper it carves
into my cavity

when a rocket ship landed
behind a forest,
the pilot asked me where my home was,
and i guess i must have sent
your name way too far
into space because you are standing there,
a billion light years away
from the planet i tried so hard
to fit for the both of us

and twice or thrice–
i let the rain hurl itself into my branches,
and wash away the dying roots.

we need not to start a war.
this passing storm has left nothing but wreckage,
we cannot win love if you do not fight,
when the only battlecry
i hear is my own voice.

still. i could not win you.

mea culpa, amor
, i did not realize
that we were never on the same side.

Written by: Annbeifong (the girl who cries whether she’s too sad or too happy)

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