Memoirs in Medellin, Cebu 

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Medellin – the land of train and sugarcane. 

photo credits: Othelia Ruiz

I didn’t mean to rhyme, honestly. lol. I love trains for I feel like a real traveler transcending time and space. I grow up watching Japanese anime and trains are featured quite frequently. Unfortunately, Cebu doesn’t have any train when I was born. I know, I suck. 

Medellin is rather a special place and will always have a special space in my heart. This is where I learned how drinking can be so fun when you are with the right people and by right people I mean, those who will not take advantage of you in any way. 

We were in 4th year college, taking up Nursing trying to complete our delivery room cases the first time I set foot in Medellin, Cebu. The place is a 3-4hour bus ride from Cebu North bus terminal. Back then, we have a school bus that took care of our transportation. 

We spent two weeks in the seemingly remote area at the time when wifi and mobile data aren’t as popular as today so we spent our free time talking, playing games and as I’ve said, drinking.(Shhh!)

It was a fine afternoon, the sun doesn’t bite then. We were playing badminton outside the school rented house for its Nursing students. The mayor of that town passed by and greeted us. We did a courtesy call the first day we came and so that day was like a box wrapped in red ribbon when he said if we would like to go the beach and that he would give us one lechon ( for those not familiar, whole roasted pig). 

Needless to say, we were both delighted and excited! Most of us crave the beach that we often think we are mermaids trapped in human’s body. 

The most awaited day came. Phone cameras aren’t as cool as today so I am using photos that we took 7 years after. Most of these were taken using dslr. 

Medellin Beach. photo credits: Ben Salutan

Yes, seven years after the beach look just as stunning. The sand has a dull roughness that you’d love to rub on your toes. It still amazes me how the feel of the fine sand between your toes can stay inside one’s memory and how that comfort remains. 

the gang. photo credits: Ben Salutan

Some people have stayed and some people have  gone but true relationship can never be changed by time. I guess it’s true, everybody  can’t seem help but smile on sunny days so here we are feeling like crazy. 

reaching the clouds

The night before this photo was taken, I fell asleep beside the shore while we were star gazing. We were tracing constellations using an app which name I couldn’t remember at the moment (lol. signs of being amazing.) Next day, the sea, the clouds and the sky came to greet me with serenity. 

photo credits: Alfahad

Funtastic island! yes fun and tastic combined! lol.

Photo credits: Alfahad

This island is just 15min boat ride from our accommodation. You can arrange a boat which costs 1,500 to take you to the island. 

photo credits: Othelia Ruiz

There’s a spot for 40ft cliff diving if you’re an adventure seeker and there’s a 6 feet jump off point for those who fear heights! 

boodle breakfast. photo credits: Ben Salutan

This is life! What else should I say? This is the exact reason why I love traveling. You get to be creative and resourceful. lol. Actually, Filipinos are fond of using banana leaf as a big plate on rural gatherings and festivals. 

the mushroom. photo credits: Ben Salutan

Across this mushroom like cottage is where Medellin’s Rural Health Center is where we got most of our delivery cases. The mushroom has some moss on it yet its color is just as vibrant as the sun.  

The mural paintings around the town is of rainbow colors. Their market is of bright orange. 

photo credits: Ben Salutan

We decided to stop by before going back to the city to revisit old memories and happy moments. The place still feels like the old days only a little more vibrant and I mean literally with all those medley of colors around. 

photo credits: Ben Salutan

More moments with the sea. The beach can always still a restless heart. I guess that’s why people from all walks of life visit beaches from all over the world – to reconnect or find the peace within all by yourself.

photo credits: Ben Salutan

Or, with someone as restless and crazy as you. 

photo credits: Ben Salutan

Or, with the whole gang who makes life a little more meaningful. 

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