6 Things You Can Do to Push Writer’s Block Away

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Writer’s block is such an annoying, unwanted visitor in the most important occasion of our lives which, of course, is writing. No matter how much we try to keep it at bay, it manages to swim towards the shore of our imagination and close all portals to anything that can stimulate our writing skills.

Push Writer’s Block Away

So here’s a list of things you can do to slay the monster or at least, prevent it from over staying inside the premise of your literary or blogging labyrinth.

1. Listening to songs can make writer’s block feel displaced.

The emotion the songs carry on its lyrics or the melancholy of its rhythm might just what you need  to scribble your newest poem.

I was on my way to work when I heard a sad love song being played and the lines went like, “Hindi kita malimutan..” (it means i still can’t forget you). I started scribbling words. I used that line as the opening to capture attention and to create the same mood the song carries. I then incorporated my personal experience in the piece and totally owned every bit of it. Here’s that poem: tucked memories.

2.Watch movies to attract ideas. 

Movies stimulate people in so many ways. It makes us laugh, cry, brood, agree or disagree and sometimes undecided. Movie can be a form of escape or a source of inspiration.

Do not pressure yourself. Do not think you are doing this to write something. Let your muscles rest and let the story take you where it wills you to be then you will be surprise at how you can find things that would make your muse go slow dancing or do a Foxtrot perhaps.

Once, I watched a Korean movie and they were all thieves. They were chasing after a $20 million diamond known as ‘Tear of the Sun’. Yes, the name resembles just how it looks. It inspired me to write these lines:

3. Go out and observe.

Yes, you can only write so much inside the comfort of your walls. You have to go out and see what’s happening and tell the world about it through your words. Let the daily grind inspire you.

I know a poet who tends to spend time observing people in the streets, watches how the sky changes robe and listens to the sound of quietness or the lack there of in the given moment.

(He must be infuriated now. I used pink on his name. I’ve always wanted to humiliate him in public. lol)

If you want more of his works, support his book: Echoes that Stutter.

4. Meeting your friends can revitalize that story-teller in you.

Hear them talk about their lives. Talking is different from gossiping. And I mean it.

When you talk, be sure to listen and you will be amazed at how the slightest of words wrapped with so much truth and feelings can make your muse somersault and start to feel frantic about writing.

Some shared stories are hard to forget and they circle around your mind more often and longer than you intend to and the best way to end these thoughts is to make their existence perennial.

Inspired by my friend:  The Stains of Feelings I Left Behind.

5. Reading paralyzes writer’s block.

Reading is a bed where you can curl into or an arena where your dreams and fears meet and decide who should reign your life.

I guess it was three years ago when I read a question posted on the internet if it’s possible to become a writer without reading books. And my immediate answer is a thundering no.

Writing looks easy but it isn’t. You can not write what you do not know. So please, instead of sulking the day away of how you can not write a damn thing, for god’s sake, read.

Reading is where you can widen your horizon and can take you to foreign territories without ever leaving home. This is definitely one way to freeze writer’s block hideous tentacles. You don’t have to write something long. You can start with how the book or article made you feel.

6. Travelling fuels imagination. 

Seeing other places and discovering other culture might just be the right dose of inspiration you need to get your pen moving.

Pearl S. Buck is a Pulitzer winner who write novels about China since she is very adept with their culture.

Now, I am not saying you must do the same thing. What I am saying is, your muse might be interested in learning new perspective and seeing new horizons. You don’t even have to travel to another country to escape writer’s block.

It can be the town next to the city where you live. As for me, the next island is more preferred. You know Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands so plenty of options, lol.

Kidding aside, when I went to Zamboanga – I was amazed with the difference in our “jeepney culture”. There, when a new passenger gets in, everyone moves towards the driver but here in Cebu, we do just the opposite. These petty things I love to write.

Furthermore, you might find an interesting fact, place or new people who can be turned into the next heroin or villain. You never know unless you wander off your comfort’s grid.

So that’s my list. How about you, what do you to slam the door in front of writer’s block resting poker face?

Feel free to share.

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