5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Your Dream Over Him

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1. Knowing your dreams is a blessing

Not all people are given the clarity to define or find what they really want in life. Some people live their whole existence and still wonder what is it that they really wish to become.

2. Pursuing your passion is something you owe to yourself.

You shouldn’t let anyone stop you from reaching your goals even if he/ she is the love of your life at the moment.

Yes, you heard it right. No woman should ever accommodate the convenience, much worse, the pride of a man by quitting  her own dreams. This is our life, our happiness, our prerogative.

3. True love lets you soar horizons you want to reach.

I always believe that a person who truly cares will be happy to see you embrace your hopes and dreams, let you tread lands you want to explore. Love must be selfless enough to let a person go if you can not promise to celebrate her successes.

Once, I volunteered in an Australian foundation. I am a licensed nurse and they have a clinic situated in the middle of a dumping site. The foundation caters everyone but most of all, to the children and the mother.

There was a doctor whom I have worked with that I really find comfortable to be with. We shared same interest in movies and then she told me about her dream of becoming a surgeon and how her eyes lit up like thousands of fireworks came into play in the spaces of her irises.

I felt her happiness and her willingness to take the journey however hard it may be. But then, her boyfriend at that time asked her if she can compromise her dreams. The transition of how her eyes lit up and darkened was undeniable.

Just a while ago, she was so happy telling me what she wants to do in this entire journey we spend on earth until that moment when the love of her life asked her to let go of the very thing she has always wanted. The man preferred him to stay home when they get married since he can afford to give her a comfortable life.

There was silence then.

“So I had to let him go. And found my husband now who is always very supportive. But there were moments when I wondered if I did the right thing. Letting my ex go. But then again, I could not imagine not being a doctor – not being a surgeon.”

Personally, I think she did the right thing. No one should ask a person to give up her aspirations.

How could love ask such thing?

4. There’s inner happiness that comes from fulfilling one’s personal drive.

And it is totally different from the gladness love and intimacy can give. It makes you feel confident and it increases self-worth. Wouldn’t you want that feeling? The feeling of flying and soaring.

5. You won’t live a life full of what ifs.

Love should not hinder you from living the life you have envisioned for yourself.
If she had granted the demand of the man before, I do not think her happiness will ever be complete. She will always have to bear the pain of asking herself all the what ifs and could have beens and worse, she’ll end up hating the man.

That my friend is something I do not want to happen to you.

She is a happy woman now. She is living the life she wants and she has someone who supports and respects her decisions in life.

So please do yourself a favor, find someone who will not clip your wings and forbid you from flying into the kind of future you want to live in. Find someone who will be the wind pushing your sails into the vastness of your hopes and dreams.

Do you have a similar story?

Please do feel free share it here. I will be more than happy to talk with you.

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