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The site was originally created to feature beautiful landscapes, cozy cafes, mouthwatering food, breathtaking beaches and friendship built along the journey and travel experiences that might be hilarious or dramatic all at the same time.  With time, Urban Lilac decided to expand the horizons of this site. She loves poetry so she chose to share some of her works here. She also supports women empowerment so she would sometimes share her thoughts about it on this site.

Urbanscapism is a place  where every need of escape ceases.  

This is your home,  reprieve, haven discovered in and out of our urban life.

She is from Cebu, Philippines where nature has abundantly shared  its resources to both locals and tourists. She loves travelling as much as she loves food. She has hopes of travelling the entire world someday and share the wonders the universe has to offer to all mankind.

Since she has fused her poetry and womendiaries site here, she will dedicate a time when she will post a travel write-up, poetry or women related topic.

Happy reading!

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